M.P. Water and Land Management Institute
(WALMI), Bhopal

Rapid urbanization and development have taken place in the world. Despite vast development in World experiences a myriad of water shortage issues. Therefore, the current world needs to carefully manage its freshwater resources to achieve sustainable development. Greywater has proven to be a useful substitute for freshwater for non-potable activities.

The course is designed for practitioners working in the field of water management. After completing this course, they will understand how greywater is slowly making a big and negative impact on our life and polluting the entire environment. Why do we need to understand greywater management? How our every small action is creating greywater and contributing to and polluting our precious water resources.


The course will also help them understand Nature-based Solutions (NBS) to treat the greywater at the source and in a decentralized manner. The course will also help them broaden their understanding of types of water – blue, grey, green, and black.

Course Design

The training will be conducted using classroom lectures, group work, practical sessions and if possible short field visit to understand greywater. It will also discuss carefully case stories across the world to understand the impact greywater already made in our lives and how people address the problem and treat their greywater using nature-based solutions.

Targeted Participants

NGO professionals, PHED engineers, RES engineers, Consultants and other officials working in the drinking water sector including College students of social work, engineering, rural management etc.

Course Fee

Rs. 8000/- per participant which includes course material, welcome kit, certificates and lodging boarding during the course. Participants who do not wish to use the accommodation facility are required to pay only Rs.12000 /-

Course Expert

WALMI is a premiere autonomous training institute, working in the field of natural resources management as a part of Panchayat and the Rural Development Department, Govt.

Mr. Sandeep Khanwalkar

Mobile +91-965430747

Sandeep Khanwalkar is a practical, hardworking, experienced and highly motivated rural development professional with substantial proven experience in diversified areas including participatory planning, grant management, development, design, effective management and scale-up of programs, partnership development, contributing to the country’s strategic plan, fundraising, capacity building of teams, monitoring and evaluation of programs and activities, policy advocacy, writing quality reports and mobilizing resources in India with the state governments, the UN agencies, ICRISAT, USAID and the leading INGOs. He has worked in different reputed organization in leading positions with the Government of Madhya Pradesh as State Coordinator Crops and Livelihood, Adviser- Natural Resource Management, Inspire Network for Environment and Senior Course Expert, Development Alternatives. Currently, he is implementing an ambitious project to treat the black water through Nature-based Solutions in Dr Ambedkar Nagar earlier known as MHOW in association with Cantonment Board. Khanwalkar has also get awarded for excellent performance in executing Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) two irrigation projects Maan and Jobat of NVDA as a team leader in the year 2010. He is a member M.P. State Livestock Policy formation committee, Revival of traditional water bodies of Madhya Pradesh and many more.